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Heating and Air Questions and Answers

At All About Air Heating and Air Conditioning is your local choice in Hayward, CA for answers to your heating and air questions. Trust our experienced team to get the answers you need. Contact us today!

Heating and Air Questions

Why is AC Maintenance Important?

Regular AC Maintenance helps your air conditioning system operate at maximum efficiency. At All About Air Heating and Air Conditioning we recommend AC maintenance 2x per year. Once in the spring and also once in the fall. This ensures your home remains comfortable in all seasons.

How do I know if I need a new AC Unit?

If your air conditioning system is over 10 years old or making strange noises you have never heard before it may be replacement time. Older AC systems operate inefficiently which costs you more money in the long run. If you are unsure whether you need an AC replacement give us a call. We offer free system replacement estimates as well as top-notch customer service.

Is a Broken Air Conditioner an Emergency?

Since an air conditioner operates with electricity when it is not operating as it should it can be a dangerous situation, or even an emergency especially if you have older family members in your home.. You should never try to repair your AC system yourself. Trust a local experienced HVAC company with all your AC repairs to ensure your safety and they safety of your home.

Is it Necessary to Service AC Every Year?

Servicing your AC Unit helps it to operate efficiently all year long. Having regular service or maintenance performed not only helps your home remain comfortable it also saves you money. Ensure the comfort of your family in all seasons by always having regular heating and air maintenance performed on your system.

How Much is a New Air Conditioner Installed?

The installation of a new AC system varies based on the size and SEER of the system. At All About Air Heating and Air Conditioning we offer free AC system replacement estimates so you know the cost upfront before making any decisions. We also offer HVAC system financing with approved credit. When you are ready to increase the comfort of your home we are here for youj.

What would cause my AC not to come on?

There are several reasons an AC system may not come on. If you have this issue, check your thermostat for loose or disconnected wires. Wires that are frayed or disconnected will not allow your AC system to turn on. Another issue could be a faulty or broken thermostat. If you look into these two solutions and still have an issue, give us a call. We are here to help

Heating and Air Questions and Answers – Hayward, CA

Trust the local choice for answers to all your heating and air questions in Hayward, CA. We are proud to be your HVAC choice in Hayward, CA and also the surrounding areas. If your heating and air question is not located above please contact us so we can help.

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